Writing the graduation thesis quickly: here are 7 suggestions

Time is running out, it is running out, indeed it is already drained. For this, one must be quick. Here are 7 tips for writing a nice high school term paper.

General documentation

Read up, read, be inspired by what you like, perhaps referring to the program of studies followed over the last year.

Choice of the thesis topic

Take a cue from something you like. By choosing a theme that you are passionate about, you won’t go wrong. Something that also has to do with current events but which can be linked to the curriculum.

Selection of subjects

Once the theme has been defined, it is time to move to action. The topic must be connected with the existing subjects. For example, if you have chosen the new technologies of today you can reconnect them with those of a century ago, describing the period from the scientific, philosophical, historical, geographical, economic point of view, indicating the exponents of the culture of the time … Keep in mind sources, you will need them for the bibliography!

Create your index and the structure of the term paper

Index and structure are linked. Once created they will help you think about what you are doing and then have a map of things to do, tidy up and be faster.

The structure must have three segments based on index: introduction (presents the work and reasoning you will do), central body (explains the reasoning and describe it) and conclusion (draw your conclusions and insert some reflections). The index will help you divide the work into paragraphs and chapters.

Organize your work

It works on the basis of what has been decided with the index and develops every single part already defined.

Be careful to find information and documents in your favor for each theme and paragraph, so that you can do a paper as complete as possible.

Drafting of the term paper

Don’t worry too much about length: think more about the concreteness and fluency of the text, it must be as clear as possible, without long and complicated sentences.

Research, review and write the bibliography!

Once the drafting is finished, read everything carefully, have it read by someone close to you and work with all the necessary corrections. Then take back your sources and make bibliographies and sitography, they are very important!