Rediscover the desire to write the thesis with 3 simple steps

Are you in a critical moment of writing your thesis?

You have to start it but you still don’t know “which way to turn”? You’re halfway but can’t continue?

Calm, calm, calm. It’s all right, everything will be fine.

We have just 3 simple tips that can help you.

Finish your thesis to make your dreams come true

Passion is the engine that keeps everything going. Why are you studying and writing your thesis? Why do you want to graduate? Try to focus attention on the final goal: it is not just “passing exams” or “making your parents happy”.

You have to study for yourself, for something you care deeply about, to make a dream come true. To become the new Nobel Prize in chemistry, or win the Pulitzer, or have a primary position. Think of something big, something you like, and go for it. In this way you will have the “right fuel” to finish the thesis, discuss it and get to your goal.

The thesis is just a step, you can do it.

Plan your days with a nice program

Studying or writing the thesis when it happens will not help you much. To work in a disorderly way means to “disperse the forces”: you will arrive at a point where you will not know where to start … Better to have a strategy: the best commanders in history have won everything following a plan. Build one yourself, too.

You can try to do it with small steps: a solution that we suggest is to prepare a weekly plan divided into daily goals. Each day, establish several hours of study, reading and writing. Manage everything according to your commitments, schedule the hours to dedicate to the thesis and those for the gym, aperitifs and outings with friends / lovers.

Of course, everything is personal. I, for example, started writing the thesis once I finished the exams. Every day I spent 4 hours in the morning and 4 hours in the evening, and then resumed the night, in case I wanted / needed / energized.

However, here are some practical suggestions that can be useful to you.

Concentration, concentration, concentration

The secret to optimize the time devoted to the thesis is contained in one word: concentration.

Concentration comes in a favorable environment, that is, a space free of distractions. I suggest recreating around you a sort of “Zen garden”: a simple environment, without too many elements. A space where you are at peace with yourself and you don’t have to respond to external inputs.

A tidy room or a library seat can turn into your Zen garden. Avoid continuing to visit Facebook, remove WhatsApp notifications from smartphones and tablets, forget the continuous invitations for a coffee, don’t get beaten by the notorious enemies of the thesis. Devote yourself entirely to the thesis calmly and finding the right concentration, plan short breaks and then resume the study with the same enthusiasm. This way you will be able to be more productive and reach your goal quickly.

The thesis is an important step towards your happiness (and your liberation). Concentrate, follow these steps and you will succeed in winning this last challenge!