10 ideas for thanks to the thesis supervisor

The thanks of the thesis represent one of the most demanding parts.

In there all the emotions you felt during your university years will end: you will think back to those who accompanied you on this journey, supporting you and holding your hand when you needed it most.

Family, friendships, colleagues, loves … Your thoughts will embrace everything and everyone.

Among the people you cannot avoid giving thanks to, there is a particular figure: your lecturer. He too deserves a big thank you, especially if he was available and present (and we hope it went like this).

By the way…

Here are 10 suggestions for the thanks of the thesis addressed to your prof.

Having a professor like her was a fortune: she supported me and helped me reach this goal. Thanks for everything!

So many words do not always make speeches interesting … Sometimes a single word contains a profound meaning: thank you! Thank you very much for all the time and words spent helping me.

Getting to a crossroads does not mean forgetting the road we have traveled. Thank you for guiding me here: I will always remember his words.

His teachings have been invaluable. It also grows thanks to the professors and she helped me a lot. Thank you very much!

He was an excellent professor: he taught me a lot about his discipline, but also about life in general: thank you so much!

It is true that the most important people in life suddenly meet. She quickly became one of the key people. Thank you so much.

Thank you so much for every single lesson and for the example! If all the teachers were like her, we would really have a better University: thanks again for everything!

In life one becomes better especially thanks to the teachings received and to the people met. I’ll never be grateful enough to you! Thank you so much.

When words and teachings remain etched in, it means they have worked. In my heart and in my mind, our confrontations and chats, even the most heated, will always resurface. Thanks again for everything!

There are no suitable words to render gratitude for all that he has taught me: being a professor also means being an example, and she has been a full example: thank you for everything!

We hope these 10 suggestions can inspire you and help you write yours, perhaps seasoning it with nice personal notes. They are applicable both to the speaker and to other professors who have meant something important to you, we are sure that someone will be there.

So, good luck with writing your thesis!

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